"The Son of Man has not come to be served, but to serve -- to give his life in ransom for the many."
-- Mark 10:45

The Passion Ministry Bay Area was created for one specific reason; to continue the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Following in His footsteps, and in a spirit of humility, we offer ourselves to become the vessel of His voice, His hands, His feet and above all, His love for all people.

We strive to go out and bless the lives of those who are in need of a friendly face, a loving embrace and prayer, understanding that it is easy to lose hope through the many trials and hardships of life. We stand on the firm belief that love, compassion and prayer have always been three of the most important methods of restoring the light in those who now only seem to live in darkness due to their sufferings.

By our offering of love, through friendship and prayer, we believe we can and will restore the gift of hope that sometimes is lost in the midst of sorrow, sickness and loneliness.

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